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Suggested Time:

10-15 minutes


All Ages


Pen, Paper

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Instructions for Self-Care Activity

Father journaling self care activity

Parents and caregivers learn about Lōkahi–unity–and how to gain support for themselves.

Suggested Time: 10-15 minutes

Items: Household Items

Ages: All Ages


Engage and include children in daily activities. Including them is not only good for their development, but it helps you build a stronger bond with them. Activities could be as short as 10 minutes or go on as long as the child is able to focus. 

  1. Find a daily task. Ask keiki to kōkua (help). Model the task and then let them try. Examples include folding towels for small keiki, washing dishes for older keiki, or reading a utility bill with teenagers. 
  2. Encourage them to do the activity until they have found success or until 10 minutes has passed.
  3. Observe areas where keiki was successful and verbally praise them. For example, “Great job scrubbing that dish until it was clean!”
  4. Practice ahonui. Be patient. Your first time doing something probably looked pretty messy too. Practice is how we get better, so let your keiki practice and encourage them to keep trying. 
  5. Allow them to express what they are thinking and feeling. Ask questions like, “Is it hard?” or “What do you like the most?”
  6. Notice if they are getting frustrated. Do not judge their emotions. Just listen and praise effort.

Try teaching your keiki one new activity around the house every month. When they learn to help you and you have less stress, youʻll see how quickly you can bring ALOHA into your home.


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