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ʻOhana Activity Box 1

Aloha at Home

We are excited to have you and your family join Aloha at Home with ʻOhana Activity Box 1. It is filled with Aloha Activities that will help you learn about and practice the Aloha Values with your family. Each box is valued at $100+ and recommended for ages 3+. Boxes sponsored for your ʻohana by Aloha at Home. Click button below and complete a short survey.

Confirmation of Box 1Social Media Challenge

What is Aloha at Home?

Tools and hands-on activities to spend time and have fun with your family. Receive two Aloha at Home Activity Boxes for your family.

Confirmation of ʻOhana Activity Box 1

Fill out the short survey to make sure you receive the Aloha at Home ʻOhana Activity Box 2. Scroll inside the survey box to complete the survey.

Contents of the ʻOhana Activity Box 1

Aloha at Home Magnet
Aloha at Home Boxes

Aloha at Home Brochure to explain the Aloha Values in more detail with examples. Click brochure image below to download a pdf copy

  • Aloha at Home Magnet – put it on your refrigerator as a reminder to practice Aloha at Home daily
  • Aloha at Home Sticker – share with others that you are a part of Aloha at Home. For example, I put my sticker on my water bottle or ipad
  • Kūpuna Book Corner – Spend quality time reading the book ʻOhana Means Family with an older family member, caregiver, or loved one. Ask each other what was your favorite part of the book? See insert for more questions to answer together.
  • ʻOhana Mele Activity – Pū and Kalaʻau kit with instructional video of the song Ke Ao Nani. Music is a natural way to bring families together. Click on image of the Pū ʻOhe booklet below to download a pdf copy. Scroll down to see video.
  • Mindfulness Bubble Kit – Make homemade bubbles together. Blow the bubbles using your hā (breath).
  • Keiki Activity Booklet and Supplies- Kalo-themed coloring, Aloha activities, color pencils, and stickers. Kalo is a representation of the ʻohana and our connection to the ʻāina.

Click on the booklets and brochures below to download a pdf copy.

Aloha at Home Aloha Values Brochure
Aloha at Home Mele Activity Booklet "Making Kalaʻau with Uncle Calvin Hoe"
Making Pu ʻohe with Uncle Calvin Hoe
Aloha at Home Keiki Activity Book
Mindfulness Bubbles Activity
Video for Mele Activity with Kalaʻau Sticks
Ke Ao Nani Hula Led by Kūpuna Uncle Calvin Hoe

Social Media Challenge

Enter to win! On Facebook or Instagram, do the following challenge to win a gift card. Do all 4 items below to enter. Unlimited entries until March 31, 2023. Winners will be announced in April 2023.


  1. Post a photo of you and your ʻohana using Aloha at Home Box 1 together (i.e. unboxing, doing one of the activities, etc)
  2. Describe what is happening in the picture and how it brought aloha into your home.
  3. Tag us @alohaathome
  4. Use the hashtags #alohabox1 #alohaathome

Values of Aloha

The following Aloha Values helps us to understand Aloha with greater depth, so we can practice Aloha more where it matters most, in our homes.

Akahai - Kindness

Akahai is translated as kindness and should be expressed with tenderness. Aloha starts with tenderness, forgiveness, and acceptance for yourself and others. Whether you are experiencing good times or challenges, approach your interactions with akahai for yourself and others and see how it builds aloha around you.

Lōkahi - Unity

Lōkahi, often translated as unity and expressed with a feeling of harmony, helps us understand that all of us are part of a life force that is unbroken, even when some of us feel separated from the group. With lōkahi, we support and accept each other in acknowledgement of this unbrokenness and work together in love.

ʻOluʻolu - Agreeable

ʻOluʻolu, often translated as agreeable and expressed with feelings of pleasantness, is intended to remind us not to be argumentative or pessimistic. 'Olu'olu reminds us that even if we differ, we can express differences in encouraging and kind ways.

Ha'aha'a - Humility

Haʻahaʻa translated as humility and expressed with a feeling of modesty, asks us to empty ourselves of judgment for others. Ha'aha'a means to be open to learning, growing and receiving new information. Rooted in willingness to accept new things, haʻahaʻa helps us to remember that we can grow and so can others around us.

Ahonui - Patience

Ahonui, translated as patience, should be applied with perseverance. Ahonui with perseverance means we are waiting for the right time to speak, act, or think. Children and families thrive when ahonui is present for it allows everyone a chance to grow, learn and fail in a loving and caring environment.

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